Twin Flames And The Wheel Of Karma

Karma. When referring to soul connections, specifically Twin Flames, nobody ever talks about it. It’s a huge elephant in the room that everybody pretends not to see. But I’m telling you right now, Twin Flame connections are all about KARMA.

People seem to think that karma is this negative word, but it’s not. It’s just cause and effect. It’s the way for the Universe to balance the energies within it and ourselves. Our souls are perpetual students. With each lifetime, our souls gain knowledge. Our experiences shape us, but they also teach us soul lessons. And in these lifetimes, we play many roles like actors in a play.

Twin Flames are ancient soul mates. They have spent many of these lives meeting each other, and in each one, a unique situation takes place. The roles and the relationships to each other may change, but the actual soul connection remains the same. The connection takes place on a spiritual level, whereas the relationship occurs on a real world or material level.

What if in a past life, you and your twin were having an affair with each other? And what if one of you was married at the time? What happens to the husband/wife in the next one? Do you think they disappear? Have you ever noticed that many Twin Flame separations have a third-party involved? Have you ever thought why?


Let’s use this as an example: A young woman meets a man who she believes to be her twin. They have this amazing love affair. Everything is perfect, as if the union is blessed by God himself, when all of a sudden, for whatever reason, they separate. During the separation, he meets a woman and after some time, he decides to marry her. A choice was made. He could have gotten back together with his twin, but he decided to be with this other woman. His twin is devastated, thinking how he could choose some random woman over his “other half”, his twin.

But what if in another lifetime, that random woman was his wife and his twin was the other woman? Think about what it would take to balance the wheel of karma in this life. The twin feels left out in the cold, deserted, and emotionally abandoned, and betrayed that he would choose this other woman over her. And that’s exactly how the other woman had experienced in the past life, when she was the wife who had been betrayed by her husband and his lover. The karma is balanced.

Since both twins are soul connected, they do not have to physically be together to complete their mission here on earth. He/she can choose to be with whomever they want. That’s free will. Even apart, the twins are connected to each other energetically by what’s referred to as an “Alchemical Marriage.” They are within each other. Their souls touch, therefore they are never truly apart. Separateness is an illusion. Everything in this Universe is connected.

Now what about karma between the twins themselves? Some people don’t think there is karma between twins. From what I experienced with mine and what I have seen from people who have shared their Twin Flame stories with me, karma between twins is a real occurrence. And why wouldn’t that be true since everybody with whom we have a relationship, friendship, or a familial bond shares some type of karma with us?

One of my friends is with her Twin Flame. The only reason they were able to stay together was they were both strong, balanced people who made a conscious effort to clear the karma between them. My friend had been doing lots of energy work to balance herself and to clear her ancestral karma and negative patterns. When she met her twin, she was truly ready for it. Did they have karma between them? You bet ya ass, they did.

Their past lives with each other had not been pretty. In fact, they were horrific. In one, my friend was a man and her twin was a woman. Her twin was pregnant, and she cheated on him. In the next lifetime, they were both soldiers. Her twin betrayed her and she was tortured and killed because of it. When they met, all that karma came to the surface, but because she had been doing so much energy work and healing her own karma, she was ready for it and knew how to clear their shared karma so that they would be able have a solid, balanced romantic relationship and stay together despite all the mirroring and intensity.

Nobody runs. Nobody chases. Their relationship is in perfect balance. And there’s no longer karma throwing it off kilter or bringing up residual soul memories within them so they act out and do things that will be detrimental to their relationship.

In my experience, I had been told by two different people, my healer and an intuitive who read my cards that I had ancient karma with my twin. There seemed to be a theme around abandonment. My healer told me she saw him leaving in a stagecoach while I was standing there watching him go. She said another one she saw me leaving him. The intuitive who read my cards told me that I had been his mother in one, and I had abandoned him.

During this lifetime, we had each abandoned one other at different points during our Twin Flame journey. You can call it running or whatever, but it was basically “You think you can leave me, well I’m leaving you. You think you can hurt me, well I’m hurting you.”

I had ended our relationship before he could, then when I tried to come back to him, he ignored meand shut me out of his life for good. In essence, he abandoned me. And he knew he did. It was a way to get back at me for abandoning him. But this was just our karma repeating over and over from lifetime to lifetime. We had also shared wonderful lives together where we had been married and had a family, but unfortunately, there were some awful ones, too.

My healer had told me that we had a soul contract with each other to balance the karma once and for all. And we did. Once the karma was balanced, that’s when our free will took the reins. Before our karma was healed, Spirit and our Higher Selves had full control over the connection. Once our soul contract was complete, the choice of whether we would come back together or stay apart was made. It was a decision between two individuals, not Spirit or our Higher Selves. Because our soul contract had fulfilled the mission of balancing the karma, there was nothing left for us to do on a spiritual level. But because these relationships work on two levels, the spiritual and physical world, a romantic relationship was now a possibility.

Once the karma was balanced, he had a choice between reconciling with me or staying with his current girlfriend, and he chose her. During a tarot reading inquiring about it, my reader told me he had consulted with his group of friends and they told him he shouldn’t contact me, so that what was that. He let his friends make the choice. I guess if he had wanted to be with me badlyenough, he would’ve made it happen, but that’s not really his personality. He goes with the flow. It was easier to be with her than me for many reasons. His final decision told me everything I needed to know about him and how he felt about me. He didn’t think I was worth making any waves within his social circle or his life so we could be together. He wanted to keep everything on an even keel. He feared our connection. He feared me. He feared getting hurt again. 

I was blessed that I was able to work with my healer, who helped me understand his choice so I wouldn’t be devastated for the rest of my life. Spirit told her why he had chosen to shut me out for good. Even though we had healed our karma with each other and I had done a lot of work to heal my individual karma and advance my spiritual growth, he hadn’t. He didn’t want to. He wasn’t ready. They wanted me to know how hurt he was, not because of me, but because he had been deeply hurt long ago. They didn’t tell me why or when. Spirit could have been referring to past lives for all I know. That is why he closed his eyes to me and our connection and shut me out of his life.

His eyes were closed, but my eyes were wide open. I saw everything crystal clear. I had awakened. And I had awakened because of him, because of our connection. He chose not to awaken. The fact that he didn’t awaken or choose to be with me didn’t make me love him any less. That is the simple truth. My soul will always love his soul. His soul will always love mine. Nothing in this world will ever change that. If being with somebody other than me was going to make him happy then he made the perfect decision, in my opinion.

Some people have come on my blog and commented how I am angry, resentful, bitter, and I blame my twin. No, I am not any of those things. I do not blame him at all. I accept him and his choice. If anything, I love the raspy-voiced, stubborn lug unconditionally and forever. I don’t think people understand how heart-wrenching and soul shattering it was that the man who I loved the most and had loved for oceans of time and centuries didn’t choose to be with me in this lifetime because I wasn’t worth the risk. When I receive comments like that, they hurt me. I’m an oversensitive Pisces. I take things to heart and my feelings get hurt easily. I feel emotions too intensely for my liking, but it’s just who I am. 

I always wonder why people post comments to intentionally hurt me when I’ve already been through so much. For brief moments, I think “Why do I even put myself out there like this for people to just come on here and judge me and my connection and insult me?” But then I think about all the pain I endured during my spiritual journey with my Twin Flame, and it gives me solace that I can channel all that heartbreak and emotion into my writing so I can guide somebody who is dealing with it now. That is the sacrifice I make every time I write a piece here.

If somebody reads one of my posts and is able to relate to it in some way and it helps them as they survive their own connection, then I have turned all my darkness into something beautiful. I have manifested a rainbow out of a rainstorm. All the shitty, mean-spirited comments no longer matter in the big picture if I can make somebody’s journey a little easier and show them that happiness is closer than they think.

I wanted to write about karma in Twin Flame connections, because nobody else writes about it. I could read fifty blogs and websites about soul mates and Twin Flames, and with the exception of a handful, they’re all the same. Few people write about Twin Flames from their own experience, and the ones that do, for whatever reason, burn out quickly and abandon their blogs. My guess is it’s emotionally exhausting to relive their journeys day in and day out. How does one move forward when they’re constantly delving into memories from the past? I think many struggle with that, especially if they’re still dealing with the pain and are not yet at a place of peace and understanding. If you’re still hoping your twin is going to come back to you and you’re writing about the connection day in and day out, you’re going to be miserable. I can say this from experience, hope can ruin your life.

I write about my journey as I lived and felt it. I don’t hold back. I don’t sugar coat anything regarding these connections. I try to be a different voice in a sea of the same ones. I make it my mission to show people another perspective of the Twin Flame experience. I don’t believe in focusing on the spiritual more than the real world and vice versa. They should be of equal balance. If you’re dealing with a connection, and you’re more concerned about the romantic aspect, you’re missing out some significant aspects; and if you’re too hung up on the spiritual side to see what’s going on in the real world, you’re not getting the whole picture.

Just because he/she loves you on a soul level, doesn’t mean he/she loves you in the physical world. If the guy is marrying somebody else, he’s giving you a clear message. If the woman says she doesn’t want to be with you, she doesn’t. He/she may love you with the power of a thousand exploding suns on a soul level though. One does not equal the other. You must balance both worlds to have a clear understanding of the connection.That’s the hard part. It’s like having a relationship with somebody who has a split personality.

“I love you! We have a connection! We have the greatest love of all.”

Then, they switch personalities

“No, I don’t have any feelings for you, sorry. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

These connections make us feel crazy because there is so much going on: Karma, lessons, fears, insecurities, issues, emotional wounds, karmic patterns, then throw in ENERGY and lots of it. Then top it all off with a direct line to the Universe and all the LOVE within it. If you feel as if you’re on a roller coaster, that’s because you are. It’s like being in the middle of a hurricane trying your best to remain standing. The wind is knocking you on the ground, and all you can do is get up over and over again until eventually the storm passes and you’re standing on firm ground as the sun shines upon you. That is the Twin Flame journey.

*If you would like to learn more about soul mate relationships and karma, check out Soul Mates by Kevin Todeschi and Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.*