The Twin Flame Connection: Why Is This Bond So Strong?

The Twin Flame connection is not a soulmate connection. It is far stronger. It works on a deeper level. Meeting a soulmate can be a life-changing experience, but meeting a Twin Flame, alters every cell of your being. It transforms you. But it also imprisons you.

Imagine waking up every day and feeling like you belong to this person, and he/she belongs to you. And yet they are not in your life. You do not even talk to each other. What would that feel like? You feel loss and torment. Some days are better than others. There are even moments where you feel unaffected by the connection, and you think “I’m getting over this. I’m moving on.” But the next morning you wake up with his/her energy all around you, and you find yourself weeping because you miss your twin so much. This is the Twin Flame connection.

Surviving The Connection

At first, there is no getting over it or moving on: There is only surviving. There is only making it through each day. When you try to run from the signs connecting you to your twin, the signs will increase. When you try to have feelings for another man/woman, your dreams of your twin will intensify. Nobody, except for the people who have met their twins, will understand this. This is not a regular, romantic love or want: This goes beyond all logic and reason. You LOVE this person. You love this person more than you’ve ever loved anyone, period. And every day, you are shown by the Universe how strong that love is, whether you’re with that person or not.

This has nothing to do with how compatible you are, your relationship issues with this person, or if one of you is rejecting the other. None of that matters. So do yourself a favor, and do not try to get relationship advice from others. It will be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. And save all your bullshit relationship cliches that you see on Facebook for another relationship. They mean absolutely nothing in this one.

Divine Love

This spiritual connection is about two souls. It’s not based on what you did to him/her, what you two fight about, why he is mad at you, why you are mad at him, how he is running, how you are running, etc. NO. NOTHING. It’s based on the purest form of love in this world you will ever feel. It is centered around two souls feeling DIVINE LOVE.

Once these twins meet each other in this world, their connection is so strong and all-encompassing; the bonds are so tight like being chained to the other person’s soul, that all they can do is learn how to love each other, love themselves, and find peace and happiness. There is no key to surviving it. You just have to have the will to do it. You have to believe that “This too shall pass.” You have to know that you will live through it. You have to have the strength to create your own destiny with or without your Twin Flame.