Trying to Control the Future When You Can’t

During this spiritual transformation, I have been forced to learn some hard lessons. One of those lessons is that I can’t control the future. I can’t control my romantic future. As much as I love my soul connection, I have no control over our future together. We could reconnect, or we could never. I can’t control ANYTHING. I can only live in the present, and let life flow as it’s meant to. The Universe has the reins to our lives.

You can’t plan out your life. It’s impossible. There are so many factors, so many little choices that lead to big choices, destiny and free will intertwine, and the energy of the Universe pushes us into experiencing so many different things to shape our soul. Our lives create soul growth. With each passing lifetime, we experience more soul development.

Spirit does not want to reveal our future to us. Even when you have a tarot reading or see an intuitive, they are only given glimpses of “possible future outcomes.” Nothing is set in stone. You are not meant to know everything that will happen to you. You are meant to experience life as it comes. The more you try to control your future, the unhappier you will be.

Nothing will ever happen soon enough for your liking. You will stop living for the moment and only live for the future. That is no way to live. Life is a beautiful journey. You have to enjoy each day as it comes. You have to experience the joy in not knowing. You have to trust that the Universe is creating a Divine life for you, and the more you trust, the more at peace you will be.

The key to life is finding the balance, finding the serenity, finding the true happiness within your SELF. It is not looking through a crystal ball trying to see what your life WILL be, it is living your life and letting things happen as they happen.