Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice signals the halfway point in the year where we need to plant the seeds of our future. It’s about fertilizing the soil and watching our lives blossom before us. It’s a beautiful time of opportunity and letting our futures unfold before us like a wondrous fairy tale.

It’s the beginning of summer, a time to enjoy ourselves and experience life to the fullest. We need to welcome more joy and abundance into our daily lives, and enjoy each moment as it comes to us. We get so bogged down in trying to rehash the past and control the future that we don’t experience the NOW as it should be – as it’s meant to be.

We need to focus on the thoughts, ideas, and interests that make us happy and less on the negative thinking that only makes us feel bad and serves no purpose. Think of the summer as a mystical golden goddess. What is it that you want to ask the goddess for? What would make your life better? What would bring you more happiness?