Why Twin Flame Running Chasing Is An Illusion

Whenever somebody mentions a Twin Flame relationship, 9 times out of 10, you will hear them use the words “running” and “chasing.” When a Twin Flame couple meet, it’s sheer bliss. But when they separate, it’s hell on earth. One of them runs. The other chases. That’s the classic dynamic. One twin is always running while the other is chasing them, trying to get them back. The more I’ve thought about this theory, I’m starting to believe that running and chasing is an illusion.

What is running and chasing really? If one of the twins leaves the relationship, are they really running from the other, or is the separation a necessary, Divinely guided event to help each other heal? Is the twin who left running from love, or is he/she creating a catalyst event so the other twin can spiritually grow? It is said that twins must have balanced energy to be together. Once the energy between two twins becomes unbalanced, they separate. If that is the case, would that be considered running? Wouldn’t that be a mutual energetic separation, like if two magnets repelled each other?


I always hear people say “My twin is running.” By making this statement, they’re inferring that their twin is to blame and that they’re more awakened, more aware of the connection, and more accepting of love than their twin. They carry a lot of bitterness in their hearts when they believe this. I think it’s a natural emotion to feel when you’re going through the separation. At times, I’ve believed it myself. There is always a certain amount of blame in these connections, whether it’s one twin blaming the other and/or one twin blaming themselves.

Human beings are simple creatures who are ruled by their egos. When spiritual matters collide with ego, there is a battle. It’s easier for us to blame the separation on “running” instead of looking at the deeper reason. One runs. The other chases. And the longer the twin runs, the more blame is placed on him/her, and the more the other twin feels like a martyr. All of it is an illusion.

In my experience, running was an internal process. It had nothing to do with my twin, and everything to do with myself. I didn’t want to face my demons. I was seeing all my flaws reflected back to me, and I didn’t want to deal with them. Because of that, it felt like I was running from the relationship and the connection, but in actuality I was running from the inner work. It didn’t have to do with the love for my twin or the romance we had: IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME. The connection to him was the ultimate mirror of what was going on inside myself.

Think of the connection as a majestic oak tree with many branches. Each branch represents an aspect of the connection. One is “Love”; one is Relationship; one is “Mirror”; one is “Healing”; one is “Spiritual Growth”; one is “Ego”, and one is “Transformation”, etc. Every branch on the tree is just as important as the other. The roots are held by Mother Earth, just as the Twin Flame connection is linked to the Universe. Every piece of the connection is significant. That’s why it’s pointless to focus on one part only.

It’s not a regular relationship. It’s complex. We as a collective community need to stop obsessing over the running and chasing. Running and chasing is just a distraction for our own egos. It’s not real. Even when we think we’re running, we’re not. We’re standing still. Even when we think we’re chasing, we’re not. We’re only trying to find the love within ourselves.

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