Twin Flames Survival: How To Live When You Feel Like Dying Part 2

I felt it was time for me to complete the second part of this article: 

I’ve been receiving several emails from people asking for advice on how to survive the Twin Flame journey. I want to start by telling you that you, too, can be victorious in this situation. You can get to the other side of this connection and live a happy life. I am living proof of that. And I have met others who have not only survived the connection, but overcame the obstacles of it, made it through the pain, and transformed into incredible people. They are now “kings” and “queens.”  And since their journeys, nothing can hold them back from living their lives out loud with fiery passion. They have all chosen their own happiness over the connection. They are free to live again.

To get to that point in the journey, takes time and hard work. It’s difficult, and it forces you to put all your deepest, darkest issues under a spotlight. You will realize things you never did about  yourself. You will have epiphanies about your issues from childhood. You will recognize toxic relationship patterns. The connection will show you all the issues you’ve been hiding from; all the problems you’ve been avoiding. These all rise to the surface so they can be fixed. It’s an arduous process of healing and clearing.

What does it feel like to lose a soul connection? It feels like death. And in a sense, you do die. The person you were before meeting your twin disappears; like a snake shedding its skin, you let go of all the pieces of yourself that no longer serve you. You transform. You lose friendships. Your interests change. The way you look at the world evolves. You become more spiritual, more philosophical. But the pain remains. It never seems to go away.

When I separated from my soul connection, it felt as if I had lost my husband of fifty years. I grieved him. It was as if I had loved him for decades even though I had only known him for months. These connections are so powerful because you have known them in past lives. I was told by my Reiki healer that he was an ancient soul mate. When we broke up, it was if my soul had shattered into a thousand pieces. It was devastating.

The feeling of loss overwhelmed me. I fell into an abyss of blackness. I don’t know how I functioned. I don’t know how I went to work. I had never felt hopelessness until I lost him. It was as if my soul had died within me. My healer performed a soul retrieval, a powerful shamanic healing method, on me. Because the separation had been so traumatic, I had lost a fragment of my soul.

From all the different methods with which I experimented during my spiritual journey, these will bring you to the other side of the connection: Reiki healing sessions, yoga, and wearing hematite on a regular basis to ground your energy. I would also include magick, which is manifesting by manipulating energy. However in the place of magick, daily affirmations are also effective. If you tell yourself that you’re beautiful or handsome, and that you love yourself, eventually you will believe it. Anybody can feel like a king or queen if they put their mind and energy into it. Transformation starts in your own mind.

To get through the connection to the other side of it, you must have strength and perseverance. You must be willing to try different methods until you find one that works for you and in turn, reaching a place of surrender. If you continue to cling to the connection, you will not be able to move on from it. If you tell yourself that you will be able to get through it to the other side, you will.

There is a myth that you will never be able to ever get over a “Twin Flame”or have another relationship. This is not true. Many people find love again. It happens all the time. Just because you and your twin do not choose to stay together doesn’t mean that you can’t continue on your life’s journey with different partners. You are connected to your twin forever. They are within you, and you are within them. The love that you feel for them can be spread to others. Love is as vast as you want it to be. 

The people I have talked to who were unable to move on past their soul connections took on the role of a perpetual widow or widower. They did not want to let go. Some of them lingered decades later, playing over memories of the past on a continuous loop in their minds. They believed their soul connection was the only one they could ever love and the only one that could ever love them. They believed they would never feel a greater love for another woman or man; therefore, they closed themselves off to any other romantic opportunities. Because they put out the energy that they would never love again into the Universe, they turned it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We become the people we wish to be. If we want to play the role of the widow/widower for the rest of our lives, the Universe is not going to stop us. If anything, the Universe is going to help us in our mission, because it matches the energy we feed it.

This is why I am starting to dislike the “Twin Flame” label more with each passing day, because it makes people think that this one soul is their one and only soul mate, and if they can’t be with this untouchable, completely flawless god/goddess, they can’t and shouldn’t be with anybody else. That is just not true.

Twin Flames are not one soul. They do not share a soul or a Higher Self. They are two separate souls. They do not complete each other. They are already complete. If you think that another soul makes you whole, the Universe is showing you that you are codependent. Most importantly, these strong connections are members of our soul community, which is a large group of souls in which we have incarnated with in our lifetimes.

We have many soul connections. Each one touches our lives in different ways. Some teach us hard lessons. Some help us grow. Some show us how to love and be loved. Some become our husbands and wives. Some tear our whole world apart and leave us to pick up the pieces. “Twin Flames” are powerful soul connections that teach us, help us heal, and spiritually awaken us.

They are not magical beings. And they are not our one and only anything. The “Twin Flame” label keeps us from truly living, because the entire concept implies that our life and happiness is dependent on another person. The only soul who can make us truly happy is the one we find within ourselves. So how do you live when you feel like dying? You use every cell of your being to make it happen, because you know you have no other choice but to live again.