The Imbalance Of Karmic Relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship that never seemed to work, nobody how hard you tried? Have you ever desperately wanted to be with somebody who didn’t want to be with you? Have you ever obsessed a lover? These are all the signs of a karmic relationship.

Any time you have feelings for somebody who can’t commit to you, you are most likely in a karmic relationship. There is always an imbalance in the relationship: One partner may want to be with the other person more than the other; their partner may not feel as strongly about them as they do. Karmic relationships tend to be one-sided. Because they’re one-sided, somebody always ends up unfulfilled and hurt.

You’re either together or you’re not. It’s just that simple, and the people who don’t understand this are rejecting the harsh truth about relationships. These people see what they want to see, as many of us do from time to time, especially when our emotions are involved.

Relationships are all about balance. Think of two anchors intertwined. The two people keep each other balanced. So what happens when there’s only one anchor in the relationship? One person, alone, cannot sustain the relationship, as much as they want or try. If you’re the only one trying to make it work, it will not survive.

You may break up and continue talking to each other, or you may separate and get back together over and over: We hear of these couples all the time. They’re continuously on and off in a dysfunctional wheel that never seems to stop. Nothing ever changes, because each partner plays the same role every time in the relationship. They could get back together twenty times, and the relationship would play out just as it had the last nineteen.

Karmic relationships teach us lessons, and they show us our destructive patterns. If we meet a man/woman who is emotionally unavailable, they are showing us what we are putting out into the universe. Maybe we don’t believe in love. Maybe we’re not ready to love. They are mirroring our energy. When we don’t love ourselves, we attract people who don’t love us. And sometimes we attract toxic relationships, because we think that’s all we deserve.

If the relationship is no longer working, and you don’t see a solid future together, it’s best to break the cycle of dysfunction. Jump off the karmic loop. Let it go once and for all. Karmic relationships may bind us temporarily, but they never hold us permanently. We have the power to rule our lives like the Kings and Queens that we are. And when that happens, we control our relationships; they no longer control us.