Yesterday She Cried

Written By Akemi

She let her tears run away with her imagination, picking up her old problems on their way to a final snot drenched resting place.

See, these tears that pour out fast, the ones you can’t blink back aren’t the kind you run away from. They’re the kind you look forward to after an extremely long day, or a long explanation that doesn’t take the sting away from the breaking feeling in your chest.

It’s relief. It’s the river you row that empties out at peace. You cry, you writhe, you heave, you sweat & spit… spill over your perfectly manicured edges… let yourself be… messy.

Then, once you’ve fallen apart at the seams & you’re in a puddle on the living room floor, something happens. You look around, up at the ceiling, down at yourself &… things don’t seem so bad.

Yesterday, she cried that cry. Today she’s back to conquering the world.

Akemi can be found on Twitter @_blackdaria and Instagram @rundmcee